"Motivational stories inspired from the lives of saints."

Justice of Peace

Saturday, 30 June 2018

In his old age, Nasiruddin was appointed as chief justice of peace of village. One day, he received a case in his court. A woodcutter, who used to cut trees in forest and sell them in village, appealed to Nasiruddin, "Please help me, I am in deep trouble."

The Burning Hut

Sunday, 27 May 2018

A rich man made a boat for travelling in sea. One day, while he was travelling in his boat, a cyclone hit the sea. His boat was completely destroyed. However, with the help of his life jacket, he somehow managed to swim to reach an isolated island. The man thought that when he had never done anything wrong in his life, then why so much wrong is happening with him.

Three Advises to Draupadi

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Once Draupadi (the daughter of king Drupad) was sitting in her room when she came to know that one sage had come to meet her. She humbly welcomed the sage and greeted him. The sage was none other than Veda vyas. Draupadi gave some sweets to him and asked if he could kindly guide her for problems she might face in future. Veda vyas smiled on listening her request and replied, "O daughter of king Drupad, because of you, a very fierce battle would be fought and millions will die as a consequence."

The Pregnant Doe

Saturday, 24 March 2018

There was a pregnant doe in a forest. As she was about to deliver her baby, she started looking for a quiet and solitary place. She found a thick grassland near the river banks. She thought it to be the most suitable place, and went there.

Fear of Death

Sunday, 25 February 2018

After marriage, a young man was travelling with his wife in a ship. Suddenly, a storm hit the ship on its way back. The wife of man started shivering in fear. However, the man was calm and there were no signs of fear visible on his face. His wife asked, "Why are you so calm? Death is right in front of us. This ship could sink due to this storm. Even the pilots are worried."

Shoes of Labourer

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Once a teacher was travelling with his student. On his way back, they saw a pair of shoes lying outside a building under construction. They were quite old and torn and probably was of some poor labourer working in the building. The student thought something and said to his teacher, "Why don't we hide these shoes and see the labourer worried. It would be a great fun."

Thoughts of Sandalwood Merchant

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Once King Mahendra went on his rounds with his minister in disguise. On the way they saw a man sitting and thinking deeply. Again next day they saw him in the same posture.

On seeing him again the King remarked, "I feel like punishing this guy even though he has not done anything wrong". The minister wisely replied, I shall find all about him first.

Later they came to know through the spies that he is a sandalwood merchant. The minister then asked the King's permission to make some furniture and a car for temple made in sandalwood. The king agreed and asked him to go ahead. He appreciated the work.

Few days later, as they again went on rounds they found the same person. Now the king remarked, "Do you recognize this person. I have no ill feelings for him today." Minister replied, "Yes, he is a sandalwood merchant. His business was very dull that day, so his thoughts were also bad. He thought if you die, his sandalwood would be purchased to burn your body. This affected you psychologically and you naturally developed aversion towards him. Today we have given good business to him, he thanks you now and wishes you to live long." The King then remarked, "If someone thinks ill of us we unknowingly develop ill feeling towards him. Is it your explanation ?"

Minister replied,"Not only that, if we always think good of others, others too will feel good towards us."

Deceit of Jackal

Sunday, 29 October 2017

In a big forest there once lived a deer and a crow. They were good friends. One day a jackal happened to see the deer and said to himself: "Deer flesh must very tasteful; let me first make friends with him."

So, he went up to the deer and said: "Friend, how do you do?" The deer asked: "Who are you?" He replied: "I am a jackal. I live here all alone, and I have lost all my relations. Now, I have found a friend in you." The deer said: "Be it so." At sun-set the deer took his new friend to his home.

The crow, an old friend of the deer, lived on a tree near his home. Seeing the two together, the crow said: "Friend, who is this?" The deer replied: "This is a jackal; he desires our friendship." The crow said: "Look before you leap." At this, the jackal became friends.

One day, the jackal said to the deer: "Mr. Deer, in a corner of this wood, there is a field full of corn. I shall take you there and show it to you." The deer was very glad. He went there everyday and ate the corn. One day, the master of the field saw this and was angry. So, the next day he set a snare to catch the thief, and he caught the poor deer.

Just at that time the jackal came up and saw his friend. Then he thought, now, the master will kill this deer and I will have plenty of food for some days. The deer called to his jackal friend for help, but the cunning jackal said: "I am very weak, and the net is very strong; however, I shall try." He then ran away and hid himself near the field.

In the evening, the crow returned to his tree, but, under the tree he did not see his friend, the deer. He searched for him, and at last found him in the field. He felt very sorry for the deer. The deer saw the crow and said: "My friend, Mr. Crow, I disregarded your advice at first and now I suffer." The crow then said: "Mr. Deer, listen to what I say. In the morning, the owner of this field will come here. When he comes, lie down quietly; make your legs stiff and pretend to be dead. After some time I shall make a noise. Immediately, stand up and run away quickly."

The owner of the field came the next morning and saw the deer seemingly dead. So he released him from the net. The crow who saw what was being done began to caw loudly. In a moment, the deer took to his heels and ran away. The owner got very angry and threw a stick at the deer. The deer escaped, but the stick hit the jackal and killed it.

The Biggest Strength

Saturday, 30 September 2017

A boy named Okayo lived in a small town in Japan. He was interested in learning Judo. But due to an accident, he lost his left hand. However, he still wanted to learn judo. His parents were not allowing him due to absence of his left hand. But his demand of learning judo kept on becoming more obstinate as he was getting older.

The Burnt Chapati

Saturday, 26 August 2017

One evening my mother, tired due to household activities, went to kitchen for preparing dinner. As she was very tired, the chapati, she was preparing for my father, became over cooked and burned at sides. She served that burnt chapati with the vegetable curry to my father. I was thinking that my father would say something to my mother on the burnt chapati.

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