"Motivational stories inspired from the lives of saints."

Businessman and his Glass of milk

Friday, 28 December 2012

Once upon a time, there lived a businessman. Before sleeping, he always used to take a glass of milk. As his business grew and he became richer, he thought that instead of daily preparing the glass of milk, he should better hire some servant for this job.

Soon, he published advertisement for the requirement of a servant and hired one servant. The servant initially served the milk properly to the businessman. After few days, the servant thought if he could just take out a quarter of the milk for himself and mix water in it, the master would never know. So, he took a quarter-glass milk out for himself and mixed water in it. The businessman started doubting that something is wrong with the glass of milk as it doesn't taste like it used to be before. After few more days, the doubt became stronger.

Emperor and necklace of Queen

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Once there lived an emperor of a big empire. He had a beautiful queen whom he loved a lot. The queen had a necklace, which she liked a lot. One day, while taking bath, the queen kept the necklace outside. One crow saw the shining necklace and got attracted towards it. The crow took the necklace and flew away. Guards tried to catch the crow but in vain. When the queen came to know about it, she felt very angry and sad. She complained to the emperor about the incident. The emperor could not see her favorite queen sad at all. He said that he will buy another necklace for her. But the queen was adamant for getting the same necklace. On seeing the strong desire of the queen, the king announced the reward of thousands for the person who will find the necklace. The people of empire did not pay much attention to the announcement. Few days passed, nothing happened. The queen became more sad. The emperor now announced that the reward will be in millions for the person who finds the necklace. Now many people started searching for the necklace. Few days passed, still nobody could find the necklace. The queen became extremely sad. The king announced that the person who would find the necklace of queen will be made the ruler of half empire. Now everybody started searching.

King and his shepherd minister

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Once there lived a rich king in India. On one day he went for sight seeing and strayed to wrong path. While he was just wandering around in searching the path to return, a leopard attacked him. At this point of time, an extremely poor shepherd came. The shepherd knew the art of communicating with wild animals. He communicated something to the leopard, and to the very surprise of king, the leopard returned to the forest without hurting the king. The king amazed with the skill of the shepherd asked him what he communicated to the wild leopard. The shepherd smiled and said that he knows all the animals of the forest and all animals obey him. The king was very pleased with the shepherd and introduced himself. The shepherd got surprised to realize that the wandering person he just helped, was actually the king of his kingdom. The king took the shepherd along with himself to the palace and made him his prime minister.


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