"Motivational stories inspired from the lives of saints."

Taste of Grief

Sunday, 27 October 2013

In a village, there lived a saint. Many people used to praise him for his knowledge and guidance. One day, a young boy came near to him. On the request of boy, the saint came to meet him. The boy said, "Respected Guru, I have come here with the hope of saving myself. Please help me from the griefs in my life, and remove all of them."

The Venomous Snake

Saturday, 5 October 2013

In between two villages named Ekpuri and Dopuri, there was a forest. In the forest, there lived a venomous snake. People of both the villages were very scared of the snake. The snake had bitten many villagers who used to cross the forest to reach the other village and many of them had lost their lives. Gradually, people stopped using the path through forest and a longer path was used for reaching the other village.

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