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Sharpness of Experience

Monday, 28 November 2016

Once upon a time, a group of people, that included young and old people; were doing job of cutting trees. Young people were extremely hardworking. They even continued their job of cutting trees during their breaks, and often complained about the less time and effort elder people of group used to devote to their jobs. The elder people used to take multiple breaks too.

As time passed, the young people discovered that even after putting much more effort, the elder people were also cutting the same amount of trees and on several times, the elder people were even cutting more trees. They started doubting if elder people were cutting trees, during their breaks in disguise. But, after checking, they found that they were not cutting any trees during their breaks. The group of young people decided that they will do their job with more dedication and effort. But, even after doing their job with a lot of hard work, the result remained same.

One day, an old man invited the group of young workers to have tea with them during break. One of the young workers declined and said, "I do not have time to waste." Listening to this, the old man laughed and said, "Cutting trees without sharpening your axes is the actual wastage of time and effort. You keep on cutting trees with a lot of hard work, but you are not taking time to sharpen the edges of your axe. Take some break and work on sharpening the edges. Only then you would justify your effort and time. Else, you would continue working without any breaks, would become extremely tired and one day you would eventually give up. One day, you would realise that you have wasted so much of your energy and time, which you could have utilised in doing many other constructive activities. We take break not for only talking with each other, but we also utilise our time in sharpening the edges of these axes. This is the sharpness of our experience, due to which we are able to justify our effort and time."

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