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Cellphones were not Present

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

"Cellphones were not Present at our time.", said an elderly man to his wife while cleaning his spectacles. His wife said, "Really and still I used to be at gate opening the door for you with a glass of water and you used to just arrive at right time."

Husband: "Yes, I did my job for thirty years and I still don't know if I used to arrive because you were opening the gate for me or you used to open the gate because I am arriving."

Wife: "And you remember, before your retirement when you were not having diabetes, I used to prepare pudding for you and you used to say that you were about to ask for pudding."

Husband: "Yes, whatever I used to think for eating while coming back to home, I used to feel surprised that you already made that dish for me."

Wife: "And when I was about to deliver our baby, I was thinking that it would be great if you could be also available there and within next hour you were present beside me."

Husband: "Yes, that day a thought came to my mind to meet you. And when I used to sing few lines of poem seeing in your eyes, you used to blush and I considered your drooping bow as social media's like."

Wife: "Yes, and when you used to ask me to come to cinema hall..."

Husband: "And you used to come wearing the sari that I thought for you."

Wife: "Okay, I am now going to prepare tea."

Husband: "This is amazing. I was just thinking of requesting you to prepare tea for us."

Wife: "Maybe we are not modern and do not know modern communication channels like whatsapp etc. but still I am in your coverage area and can automatically detect your signals."

They both started laughing.

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