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Perception versus Reality

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Once upon a time, during early morning hours, a sage was travelling near seashore. He saw that a man was sleeping on lap of a woman. Also, a bottle of wine was lying near him. The sage thought, 'This man is filled with so much lust. He took alcohol at such early hours and is sleeping on lap of woman.' Thinking this, the sage felt sad.

After few minutes, someone started crying for help. The sage saw that a man was drowning in sea. The sage felt helpless as he did not know swimming. Within few moments later, the man who was sleeping woke up, and immediately jumped inside sea. He swam a good distance and ultimately saved the drowning man.

The sage started thinking if he should consider this man good or bad. He went near him and asked, "What do you do over here?" The man replied, "I am a fisherman and have been catching fishes for earning. Today, I returned after catching fishes from a distant point and was feeling tired. My sister had brought me juice in this bottle that she picked from seashore, as we do not have any other bottle to carry liquids. As I was extremely tired, I fell asleep and she took my head on her lap so that crabs or any other creature don't bite on my head or face."

The sage's eyes were filled with tears listening this. He felt very bad of himself for perceiving something that was far from reality. He then realised that one should not take any decisions just by own perceptions, but should always try to understand the reality.

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