"Motivational stories inspired from the lives of saints."

Cycle of Action

Saturday, 29 April 2017

One day, a businessman was going to his office. While he was entering in car, he mistakenly pressed the tail of a dog who was sleeping inside the car. Perceiving this as an attack on itself, the dog bit the businessman hard.

Angrily, the businessman threw 10-12 stones at dog. However, none of the stones hit the dog and it ran away. The businessman managed to get some treatment quickly and rushed to his office. On entering office, he saw that managers were holding a meeting, where they were laughing on some joke. The businessman who was already in bad mood, vented out his anger on the managers.

This upset the managers, who in turn vented their frustration to the other employees working under them. Ultimately, all the anger and frustration was vented over the peon. The peon, unable to do anything, returned to his home grumbling in anger.

Opening the door, his wife asked, "What happened, today you are late." The peon, already in anger, shouted, "I do not go to play in office. I work hard and earn money. My mind is already disturbed. Give me something to eat."

Now it was the wife's turn to become angry. While preparing some dish in kitchen, she slapped her son for almost no reason. The son, unable to say anything, went out of house. Extremely frustrated, he picked a stone and threw it with all his energy. It hit a dog who was crossing the road. It was the same dog who had bitten the businessman in morning.

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