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Irresponsible shoulders

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mr. Vishwas considered himself very fortunate. His both sons were graduated from premier technical institute and were working abroad, earning millions. When Mr. Vishwas retired from his job, he asked his sons to return to home. But none of his sons were ready to come back and even asked him to stay with them abroad. Mr. Vishwas went abroad with his wife. However, he did not feel comfortable living in an entirely new society and returned back to his ancestral house.

Unfortunately, Mr. Vishwas's wife was soon paralyzed and she became completely dependent on her husband for all his activities. From early morning to late night, Mr. Vishwas did everything as an ideal husband for his wife. After few days, his wife could now not even speak and now Mr. Vishwas started doing everything just by understanding the expression of his wife.

One night, Mr. Vishwas gave medicines to his wife and went to sleep in the adjacent bed. At around 2 AM, he died due to a massive heart attack as there was nobody to help him in such an adverse situation. Next morning, his wife woke up and started waiting for her husband. After sometime, when Mr. Vishwas did not come, she felt about some mishappening. As she was unable to walk or speak, she somehow managed to fall from her bed and crawled to her husband's bed. After hitting Mr. Vishwas for a couple of times with her head, she understood that he has passed away.

After hours of crawling and doing a lot of hard-work, she managed to get close to telephone and somehow managed to call neighbor. When her neighbor did not hear anything after picking up the phone, he understood that there was some problem with Mr. Vishwas and his wife. He gathered other neighbors and broke the door of Mr. Vishwas's house. After entering, they found Mr. Vishwas dead on bed and his wife dead near telephone.

The funeral of both of them was carried by the neighbors. However among the shoulders that carried the load of Mr. Vishwas and his wife to cremation ground, there were irresponsible shoulders of their sons missing.

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