"Motivational stories inspired from the lives of saints."

The Ditch between Brothers

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Two brothers used to do farming together. They had lots of respect and love for each other. After being together for about forty years, they separated after having a quarrel due to some misunderstandings. Few days later, they started fighting on another issue and decided they would not look at each other in future. They divided all the assets among themselves and started living at extreme ends of their farm. This enmity kept on growing with time and the younger brother dug a ditch in the middle of the farmland.

Owl and Sun

Sunday, 5 October 2014

There lived a group of owls in a forest. Among them, there was a baby owl who was fond of exploring new things. He used to fly to distant lands quite often in search of new and exciting places. His parents were quite worried of the baby owl's habit of flying to distant places. Many times they instructed and even at times scolded the baby owl to refrain from flying to distant places. But the baby owl could not resist his temptation to explore new places and often used to fly to distant places.

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