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Prince Yudhisthira and Truth

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Once in the gurukul (school where the children used to live with teacher for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and practical training in ancient India) of Dronacharya, there was a lesson being taught on speaking truth. Guru Drona said to all Kauravas (sons of king Dhritrashtra) and Pandavas (sons of king Pandu including prince Yudhisthira), "Always speak the truth. Never tell a lie." Then he started asking each student to explain what they learned. Everybody said more or less the same thing on their turn (except prince Yudhisthira), "It is always speak the truth and never tell a lie." But Yudhisthira said, "I am sorry respected guru! I have not yet learned the lesson."

Everybody became surprised to hear the answer of Yudhisthira, as he was a very intelligent student (and could not memorize this simple statement!!). Guru Drona replied, "No problems dear, you take your time learning the lesson and tell me tomorrow." Everybody started discussing, "What happened to Yudhisthira!! He is such a bright and intelligent student. He learns lessons very easily, but could not just memorize and speak out one simple sentence today." Prince Duryodhana (eldest among Kauravas) made a mockery of him and said, "Today, the truth of Yudhisthira is exposed that he could not learn even simplest of the lessons!!"

The next day, Guru Drona again asked Yudhisthira, "Dear Yudhisthira! Did you learn the lesson that i taught you regarding the truth?" Yudhisthira replied, "I am sorry, but I have not learned it today too." This continued for one whole week. Everybody was puzzled seeing the prince unable to learn a simple lesson. After one week, when Guru Drona asked the same ques, Yudhisthira replied, "Respected Guru! I have now learned the lesson. The lesson is always speak the truth. Never tell a lie." Hearing the answer, Duryodhana started making fun of Yudhisthira and said, "Brilliant answer prince Yudhisthira. Finally you learned this simple sentence after one week." Yudhisthira replied, "Yes my dear younger brother. It took me one week to completely get out of the clutches of lies. For always speaking the truth, even a single thought of telling a lie should not come in my mind. First day, my mind was surrounded with many lies. Next day, the number of lies reduced. I kept on trying for one week and from yesterday, not a single lie has come in my mind. Now I have learned the lesson and will follow it in my life -- 'Always speak the truth. Never tell a lie.'"

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