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Pain of Wound

Saturday, 31 December 2016

"Dad, my leg is injured. Its paining a lot.", cried a five year old child. Hearing this, his father left everything and embraced the child and rushed towards one km away hospital on foot. He left cash counter, shop, house etc. behind on his servants' mercy.

Directly entering the doctor's cabin, he said, "Look at my son doctor, he is injured. Please do something urgently." Doctor investigated the child and said, "Don't worry, it is a minor injury. I am prescribing painkiller. Besides, I am also doing the bandages. It would be healed quickly."

However, the man was still not convinced. He further asked, "But doctor, will my son sleep peacefully? Could you please give some good medicines to relieve his pain?" The doctor said, "Please don't worry. He would get sound sleep and injury would take a couple of days."

Forty years passed. The shop has now become a big showroom. The child of man has now become a big businessman. The man had taken retirement and was now on bed rest. The wife of the child called, "Hey, your father has fallen off from bed. Blood is also coming out from forehead." The child said, "Oh God! So many times I said to him to sleep on floor, but he sleeps only on bed."

His wife called the servant, "Ramu kaka, please take him to hospital. His blood has dirtied all the expensive carpet." Ramu kaka somehow managed to take the man to hospital on a cycle-rickshaw. The child did not yet reach to hospital. The distance, that the man covered in ten minutes forty years ago, the child was unable to cover even after an hour and ten minutes. The pain of wound given by the child was felt by man in such a high volume that it took his life, and he died.

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